Hand Sanitiser 250ml Sourced from a WA supplier

Hand Sanitiser 250ml Sourced from a WA supplier

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Hi the madhouse has managed to secure 250 ml bottles of Sanitiser, bottle design may change as that will depend on what supplier has at the time.

All products are formulated to be non-hazardous to health and environment, wherever possible. All hazardous sub-stances as defined by the NOHSC Code 1008 are listed by CAS No. Other major ingredients that are determined to be non-hazardous are listed without a CAS No.

Chemical name CAS No. Proportion

Ethanol 64-17-5 >70%
Quaternary Ammonium
Compounds 63449-41-2 <10%
Nonionic Surfactants - <10%
Fragrance - <10%
Water - To 100%

$21 a bottle

Picture is of display kit bottle colour may change. Hand sanitiser is a green/lime green in colour.

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